Trauma surgery

The competence center for injuries and consequences of accidents

Trauma surgery

Trauma surgery (traumatology) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of recent injuries of all kinds and their long-term consequences. Conservative therapy (without surgery) is also of great importance.

Our first goal is thorough and quick clarification – if possible, in one day (including computer tomogram, MRI, special examinations). Depending on the problem at hand, we are also happy to involve colleagues with traumatological experience in other specialist areas (e.g. maxillary surgery, neurology, spinal surgery)

Short-term appointments in our special consultation hours are always available and can also be reserved on-line. In many cases, this will save you the trip to the emergency ward.

Knee surgery

We often see complex injuries of the knee joints as well as long-term damage after knee joint injuries that were often incurred many years ago. For this reason, knee surgery has become a focal point of our centre. Our domain is the reconstructive, joint-preserving surgery of the knee. The long-term preservation of the original joint is our top priority. We aim to avoid replacement of the joint with total or partial artificial joints as long as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we use proven methods such as the reconstruction of menisci, correction of leg axes, and ligament instabilities as well as the transplantation of cartilage cells (chondrocytes).

Appointments in our knee consultation or emergency appointments in the case of recent injuries also available at very short notice.

Sports traumatology

Sports traumatology is especially dedicated to the specific injuries and demands of both competitive and amateur athletes. Competitive athletes in particular demand prompt and comprehensive diagnostics that provide early clarity regarding diagnosis, therapy, duration of rehabilitation, and prognosis. Rehabilitation is promoted in collaboration with specialised therapists and monitored with regular performance profiles. Together with the patient, the whole team aims to help the patient resume regular sport as soon as possible. It is essential to keep the risk of a new injury as low as possible.

All examinations (including computer tomogram, MRI, and often also special examinations) are usually performed on the same day.  Short-term emergency appointments are always available and can also be booked online. For consultations and clarification of chronic sport-related symptoms, we offer a sports medicine consultation hour.

Geriatric traumatology

As life expectancy increases, so does the number of elderly people injured. Geriatric traumatology is therefore developing into a specialised sub-area within trauma surgery. In contrast to sports traumatology, our aim for the elderly is not to achieve maximum performance in the shortest possible time but rather to help patients regain independence and return to their familiar environment. This requires special surgical techniques as well as interdisciplinary general medical and geriatric care.